Medications and Medication Counseling

Medications and Medication Counseling at Taalintehdas Pharmacy

With our help, you can ensure the safe use of medications.

When you come to collect prescription medications or to purchase over-the-counter drugs, there may be questions regarding their use. Drug interactions, safe consumption, and suitability for your use are matters that can be clarified with the help of our staff. 

We also advise on proper medication storage, matters related to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) reimbursements, and everything else that concerns you and is important for the success of your medication therapy.

As a part of the Local Pharmacies chain, you always get the latest information and the best service aimed at excellence from us. You are warmly welcome to visit or if you want to ask about medications before your visit, contact us!

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We Accept Medication Waste

You can bring expired and unused medications accumulated at home to our pharmacy for free. We properly dispose of medication waste as hazardous waste. According to the Medicines Act and regulatory guidelines, such medications cannot be reimbursed to the customer. 

Instructions for Returning Medication Waste

  • Remove prescription labels and other patient information from the medication packages.
  • Bring the medications to the pharmacy preferably in a transparent, sealed plastic bag.
  • You can remove tablets and capsules from their original packaging, but tablets and capsules in blister packs do not need to be removed from the packaging. 
  • Return liquid medications preferably in their original packaging, and pack them in a separate plastic bag.
  • Return iodine tablets and other iodine-containing medications in a separate, transparent plastic bag in their original packaging. Iodine-containing products include Jodix tablets and Betadine and Iodosorb products.
  • Return mercury thermometers separately from medication waste. For broken mercury thermometers, enclose them, for example, in a sealed glass jar.
  • Pack syringes and needles for safety reasons, for example, in an empty plastic bottle or glass jar.
  • Note! We do not accept chemicals, hairspray cans, battery-operated thermometers, or other electrical devices, batteries, etc.

We are happy to advise on issues related to returns, just ask us for help!

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Check the Availability of Your Medication in the Medication Search Service

We are part of the Medication Search Service, which allows you to find out if the medication you need is available from us or other pharmacies. The Medication Search also informs about the medication's substitutability, among other things. If you need help using the service, we are happy to guide you. Call us or come visit!

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